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Indian art consultant

in 2014 taking you to the world of folk and mythology 

First time heard about Mithila Art? Our exhibitions to promote Mithial Art and women empowerment  worldwide has started this year. Follow us to know the best of Mithila and its culture.

Experience the difference  just  by visiting the different places of Nepal and India and get closer to the culture and life style of people living there.

If you are seeking for help to get the right art to decorate your home,office or building with Indian and Himalayan Art, we have 20 years experienced art promoter who can help you to make your search easier.

“the best folk art gallery in los angeles!”

That's what Erika and her mother said upon returning from their first visit to the gallery. “Erika loved it,” Mrs. Thompson recalls. “The paintings, the culture--she found was completely great and tempting to the countries."

Upcoming Exhibition of Indian ArtistGavi gangadhar